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Mission and Importance

Moloko-Kraina APC’s mission is to act in order to improve the life!

One of the main priorities of Moloko-Kraina cooperative activity is to provide quality milk to the clients and partners.

APC’s understanding the problems of our members, desire to meet their present-day and future expectations and needs contributes to a great success not only for the APC’s members, but also for the community where we live and work.

Moloko-Kraina is committed to constant development of its members; it tries to improve the wellbeing of those people who have decided to work together, improving their work efficiency and receiving additional benefits.

In our actions and decisions we are guided by our own values and principles. We base our decisions on facts and understand that we are responsible for the long-term success of the whole cooperative movement in the country.

The cooperative fully realizes its responsibility to the society in regard to environment protection and considers its environmental initiatives as an integral part of successful cooperation and a prerequisite for achieving its strategic goals.

Our values:

• Respect for each other;

• Professionalism and constant development;

• Business integrity and frankness;

• Cooperation;

• Responsibility, diligence, focus on the result;

• Care of environment.