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The Price Policy

Moloko-Kraina agricultural productive cooperative builds its prices on a contractual basis. We strive to satisfy our customers by maximum convenience and a flexible pricing system.

Besides the competitive prices, milk buyers have an opportunity to get other benefits of cooperation. Geographic location of the cooperative productive capacities will allow to significantly reduce transportation costs, and guarantees the quality of delivery and a better profitability.

The milk price is constantly changing, depending on market conditions that are influenced by the following factors: purchasing capacity of the population, government fiscal policy, cost of energy, logistics expenditures, and cost of forages. Lately natural disasters and external economic situation had a significant influence on the milk price.

Despite of the factors that have influence on the pricing, Moloko-Kraina cooperative is able to provide its clients with high quality milk at fair market prices.

 We are looking forward to a long-term and winning cooperation.