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The Milk Quality

Milk produced at Moloko-Kraina APC is received from cows whose health is certified by veterinary documents. Cooperative’s cattle are kept at farms free from infectious diseases. The APC production capacities are located in the ecologically clean and most favorable for dairy cattle-breeding regions of Ukraine.

Milk produced in the cooperative is cooled and stored in the dairy tanks at the collection centers. These measures give the opportunity to increase the sales of milk significantly and improve its quality.

All the animals of the cooperative without exception pass veterinary examination. Caring about the quality of milk, cooperative’s cattle are timely inspected for subclinical forms of mastitis.

Collection centers of the cooperative are equipped with refrigerators and ultrasonic milk analyzers Ecomilk that completely meet the sanitary and hygienic requirements. All the equipment used at collection centers every day passes sanitary processing with detergents and disinfectants.

The APC specialists are constantly providing professional consultations to the cooperative members in respect to veterinary services, cow keeping and feeding. High milk productivity, saving of health and productive functions of the cattle are the results of quality keeping and professional animal feeding.