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One More Cow Purchased in Sumy region


One more pleasant event took place at the beginning of February in “Konotop” Directorate of Moloko-Kraina APC. Vira Molokova who lives in Kozatske village and is an APC member got a UAH 10 000 interest-free loan to purchase a cow.

As Vira Illivna tells, she has been an APC member for almost two years and she is convinced that cooperative not only follows the conditions of the agreement, but also tries to do as much as possible for making members’ life easier and improving their living standards. The majority of villagers have no money enough to purchase cattle or milking units, but cooperative comes to help them and grants interest-free loans, adds the woman.

“At my farm, – the woman continues, – I keep two cows. Last year, I received from the cooperative 300 hryvnias for insemination and 400 hryvnias as a rental fee. Also I received a bonus of 300 hryvnias for the largest quantity of produced milk in the first half of the year”.

The milk collection inspector at Kozatske village Valentyna Klinduh adds that about 80 villagers keeping 100 cows joined Moloko-Kraina cooperative. “Last year the cooperative members from our village received three loans for purchasing cows and one loan for purchasing a milking unit. Also the cooperative equipped the collection office on the village territory where the equipment was necessary, and with that equipment APC members can check the fat content , density and acidity of milk.”

Totally during 2012 in “Konotop” Directorate of “Moloko-Kraina” APC there were granted 21 interest-free loans for purchasing the cattle and milking units for the total amount more than 100 000 hryvnias. Also during the mentioned period it was succeeded to deliver to the members of the association more than 100 tons of different forages due to the special prices.