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How to Become the Member of APC

Any individual who accepts the Statute of the cooperative, follows its requirements, conducts obligatory work activities and participates in the cooperative’s operations can become a member of Moloko-Kraina APC.

In order to become a member of Moloko-Kraina cooperative you need to:

1. Learn the Statute of APC and the purpose of its activity;

2. File a statement about joining the cooperative;

3. Pay the entrance fee in the amount of UAH 10 (ten) and contribution by in property and/or money. The price of a share in money equivalent comprises UAH 10 (ten);

4. Accept the cattle and other means of production for performing the obligatory labor participation in APC production process.


On the issues concerning the joining to the cooperative you may apply to the regional

Directorates and Representative Offices of “Moloko-Kraina” APC