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Information for the Members of APC

Caring for the cooperative’s members, we try to improve their working conditions, provide them with necessary knowledge, technologies and forage reserve. Understanding the difficult social and economic situation in the rural area, high level of unemployment, we perform our obligations for raising the living standards of our members timely and in full.

Despite of milk price volatility in the regions of APC operations, APC members receive cooperative payments that exceed the level of incomes of those farmers who independently sell milk to processors.

Besides the cooperative payments, APC members benefit from additional advantages:

- Quarterly incentive payments to APC members who have the highest results in milk production;

- Guaranteed market for milk produced by APC members;

- The cooperative guarantees the equal voting rights, every member of the cooperative has the right to influence the discussion and the final decision;

- The cooperative grants interest-free loans to its members for purchasing highly productive cows, milking units and balanced forage;

- The cooperative pays UAH 200 of rent fee for every cow after a year of being an APC member;

- The cooperative provides its members with an opportunity to purchase high quality forage at a special price;

- In case of successful cooperation, cooperative contributes some amounts to the accounts of village councils for the local community development;

- The cooperative educates its members on modern technologies of feeding and veterinary care;

- The cooperative sells no-load fresh and quality products of dairy factories at producer prices;

- People feel more protected in the cooperative, as opposed to people who have to solve all their problems without assistance.