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Social Responsibility

Helping others, we try to make the world better

Social responsibility is one of the components of activity of Moloko-Kraina agricultural productive cooperative. Taking into account the difficult social and economic situation in the rural areas, from the moment of its creation our cooperative tries to help those who need it mostly in every possible way.

For effective work in this direction, Moloko-Kraina is constantly collaborating with the local authorities for the development of infrastructure of rural communities, decoration of surrounding territories. Some part of money from milk produced by the cooperative is contributed to the communities. Repair and technical support of village houses of culture, schools, kindergartens, religious and cult buildings, clinics, and also celebration of Village’s Days and purchase of necessary equipment for rural councils are made for the account of these contributions.

Direct participation of the cooperative in the life of local communities solves the largest social problem of the Ukrainian village - unemployment. The programs developed by the cooperative would be able to influence positively the general employment in the communities through improvement of life of each cooperative’s member.