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The key to the success of any association is a team of highly qualified specialists, united by a common goal and possessing valuable skills and experience. The company highly appreciates the unique qualities of each employee, respects their experience and professionalism, the ability to make non-standard decisions and work in a single rhythm with the team, guided by the rules of ethics and mutual respect.

The company pays special attention to training and professional development. We sincerely support the desire of employees to develop, we are ready to encourage and maximize the realization and development of the potential of each employee.

The company is constantly developing and increasing its activity, providing significant opportunities for employees, including the prospects for rapid career growth, training and competitive salaries.

Please follow our vacancies. If you think that your knowledge and experience meets the listed requirements, please send us your detailed resume to the address indicated in the vacancy.

We will be glad to see specialists in our ranks, whose energy and professional knowledge will contribute to the achievement of our goals.

Vacancies of LLC "Moloko-Kraina"