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Each town or village has its own history, traditions and customs. Traditionally, the great Orthodox holiday of Intercession, celebrates the village residents Mezhyrich. Village Mezhyrich - not only one of the largest and most picturesque settlements Lebedinsky district, it is a complex, long history.


You are encouraged to become a member of the cooperative – is it advantageous?

The villagers of Shevchenkove phoned to the “hot line” of our newspaper with the questions that interested them mostly. In particular they stated that becoming the member of milk cooperative, organized with Konotop milk plant’s assistance, was encouraged. But there arise a lot of questions as of whether it is safe to conclude an agreement with the milk cooperative!


“Moloko-Kraina” with the villagers and for the villagers

During the last year’s visit of the Minister of Agroindustrial Development of Ukraine Mykola Prysiazhniuk made a stress on the exigency of creating the new cooperative associations in the village, owing to which the villagers would receive the invaluable assistance as the producers of animal and vegetable products.


Operation “Cooperation”

The children were growing up, and Oksana Grigorash thought about the question, where to get money for giving them higher education. Many people, in particular from her native Zavallya located in Kamyanets-Podilsk district of Khmelnitsky Oblast, moved abroad to work, and people had given up the fight and lost faith... If only it would be now the opportunity to earn money at home! The Grygorash family is still young and strong.