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Article “Sumshchyna”


There is great experience of cooperation between the agricultural productive cooperative with the cows’ owners at Sumshchyna.

During the last year’s visit of the Minister of Agroindustrial Development of Ukraine Mykola Prysiazhniuk made a stress on the exigency of creating the new cooperative associations in the village, owing to which the villagers would receive the invaluable assistance as the producers of animal and vegetable products.

Dairy cooperatives remain especially actual. It is known that considerable quantity of milk is produced by the private sector, and not every framer has the opportunity to go to the district or oblast center and sell produced by them products at the markets of those places. And what should be done in the situation if there is not only one cow in the cattleshed? At the same time, milk processing plants are always interested in qualitative milk feedstock.

The oblast makes a “cooperative path” rather successfully and effectively, setting the collaboration of villagers with this or that association. One of the confirmations of the abovementioned is the activity of the agricultural productive cooperative “Moloko-Kraina”. During the last almost two years it has been managed to create a mobile and effective structure, that influences greatly on the present-day life of the commune, in particular, on the villagers having cows at their own small farms.

Reference. APC «Moloko-Kraina» was created in December of 2010. Now it unites more than 18 000 villagers that keep almost 25 thousand cows in 15 regions of Ukraine. During the creation of the association there was adopted the practice of work of the leading countries of Europe, in particular, of Denmark, Finland, Norway.

On the territory of our oblast there functions “Sumy” Representative Office that unites 4 directorates: “Romny”, “Konotop”, “Okhtyrka” and “Hluhiv”. About 7 thousand inhabitants of Sumshchyna’s villages that keep almost 10 thousand cows are the members of “Moloko-Kraina” APC..

So, what is the cooperative? What advantages does the membership in the cooperative guarantee? Who and on what conditions joins the cooperative?

For these and other questions the answers are given by those people who have already joined the cooperative structure and on their own experience got convinced in its advantages.

Among them there are:

Leonid KRUPODER, Severynivka village of Sumy district:

 «I am satisfied with the cooperative…»

My wife and I are keeping a small farm, which consists of two cows rented by “Moloko-Kraina” APC. We joined this association in May of the last year, from the very beginning of the functioning of cooperative in Sumy region. Did we have any doubts? At the beginning - yes. And the main issue has been - will it not happen so that the lease results something else, what exactly are the peasants afraid of? But some time later we have convinced that “Moloko-Kraina” is a serious, reliable and beneficial partner for such peasants as we are. Since then we have signed correspondent agreements which regulate all the relationships.

I am satisfied with the cooperative, because it is profitable and convenient from several points of view. First of all – I have the guarantees that I need not worry every day about what to do with the liters of milk yield. But it is not enough - in winter days it comprises 20-30 liters, and in summer months - up to 40-45 liters of milk. According to the well-fixed schedule the milk tank truck comes and takes away the products.

The cooperative not only regularly pays the cooperative payments that are quite acceptable for farmers, but it also helps with forage for the cattle. If the member of cooperative wants, he may purchase grain wastes, mixed fodder and oilcake at special prices. For example, I was brought one centner of oilcake to my farm, and other members of the cooperative – there were more than 30 such persons in Severynivka – bought one ton and more. .

For the rent of each cow the cooperative pays us 200 UAH per year, in other words, I receive 400 UAH. The association itself compensates the costs of veterinary services, artificial insemination and vaccinations. It has great importance for the farmers.

Those who wish are granted the interest-free loans for purchasing the cows, milking units and equipment. I have used this money and bought a small tractor, which is really needed at the farm.

In short, cooperative peasants feel more quietly and comfortably than when they have been left along with their problems. Therefore, everybody is satisfied with this cooperation.

Lidiya KOSTYUK, Gryshyne village of Romny District:

 «The promise is fulfilled»

Today many of peasants have some warnings in respect of any innovations. They think like this: only at first the moon is promised, and then... But it is not about “Moloko-Kraina” cooperative, where people are sincerely interested in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with peasants. Therefore, 25 inhabitants of Gryshyne village have written the applications for membership in the cooperative and today they are satisfied with their decision.

Together with my husband, who is now unemployed, by the way, we keep three cows. For purchasing one of them we have taken an interest-free loan in the amount of 10 thousand hryvnias at the cooperative, which have been already paid off completely. The final touch is extremely beneficial and demonstrative. Now we are going to take a loan for buying one more cow. As a result we shall have 4 cows – and this will considerably increase the volume of milk production.

Also owing to the interest-free loan, the new milking unit has been delivered to us for 2850 hryvnias, and its market price comprises up to 5 thousand UAH. By the way, such devices have been received by 5 local farmers – the members of “Moloko-Kraina” cooperative. We all are satisfied with this equipment, because we are relieved greatly and have got some more time for rest. We get payments according to the contract timely and in the full volume.  

The cooperative has helped to purchase the oilcake, and now I want to buy the grain. In a word, everything works efficiently and without failures.

 As it has been said, there is “Sumy” Representative Office on the territory of the region, and it has united the members of the cooperative. The editorial board has made a request to its Director Olga DOMRINOVA to tell about the first results of the cooperation and the plans for the future.

               «We are expanding the range of services and deepening the cooperation» 

In a relatively short period of time since we have been working in the region, “Moloko-Kraina” has established itself as a business and reliable partner for thousands of farmers, living in different parts of Sumy region. During the last year they were granted with more than 200 interest-free loans for the total amount of almost 1 million hryvnias, in particular, for purchasing the cattle, milking machines and some kinds of equipment, etc. At the same time they delivered 450 tons of various kinds of forage for the amount of 800 thousand UAH. The members of the cooperative willingly purchased wheat, bran, grain production waste, corn, oilcake and dry pulp at the special price. The cooperative paid completely for the rent of the cattle, insemination, vaccinations, etc.

The formula of our cooperation is simple, transparent and clear. The members of cooperative produce milk, and the cooperative sells it at the most advantageous prices that are not lower, than the average prices in the region and than other suppliers offer. Of course, it can be changed depending on the market fluctuations influenced by seasonal factors, state regulation of the prices, cost of energy, logistics costs. However, in any situation the members of cooperative, in comparison with other farmers, which have to sell their milk by their own, are always the gainers owing to established compensation and the number of advantages.

We closely cooperate with many milk-processing enterprises, which are located on the territory of the region. Among them there are Sumy, Romny, Okhtyrka, Konotop milk-plants, the collectives of which are interested in stable work due to, first of all, regular supplies of quality milk feedstock.

We are constantly coming to the assistance to local rural communities, which collaborate with the cooperative – in particular, in the area of repairs and material-and-technical supply of schools, clubs, kindergartens, medical institutions, etc.

 «If only there would be benefits for the society»

Comments Iryna KORNIENKO, the Head of Sumy Regional State Administration Ірина КОРНІЄНКО

I always keep a book on my working table, in which there is the information about the characteristics of cooperative movement in the world, which has become an integral part of life of the leading countries of Europe. We cannot say the same yet and we are still looking for our own way. On this way, as for me, “Moloko-Kraina” has become an encouraging beam, which tries to fill in this still almost empty niche. Of course, the time will show how effective this structure is. However, the fact is already worthy of our attention that it is a successful attempt to solve the problem of products procurement, in particular, of milk.

For the last almost two years the cooperative has managed to win authority among the villagers, as evidenced by their active participation in the new association. The members of the cooperative don’t need to think, where, how and whom to sell milk – “Moloko-Kraina” takes care of all, it has established a network of reception centers in many villages not only of Sumy region. A very important thing is financial support to the owners of cows, granting of interest-free loans for the purchase of cattle, milking units, etc.

Of course, it would be better if the farmers could have an opportunity to choose one or another cooperative. Today, however, it is not necessary to talk about such choice. Therefore, any activity directed to solving the urgent problems of peasants’ life, deserves the support and approval. This is the work of “Moloko-Kraina” cooperative;.

 On the photo: Leonid Krupoder, Lidiya Kostiuk, Olga Domrinova.