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For Milk Buyers

Milk as a valuable food product occupies an important place in the process of human nutrition. This is due to the fact that milk and dairy products contain the full range of nutrients necessary for a person to live and function properly.

The production of quality milk is a very important, but extremely difficult task, which can be performed only by an experienced, responsible and innovative company.

The milk supplied by Moloko-Kraina LLC meets all state quality standards obtained from healthy cows in ecologically clean regions of the country. All dairy raw materials of our cooperative are standardized and certified. Recipients and laboratory assistants of the association monitor the content of cows, carry out explanatory work, telling the rules of feeding and care for animals, so that they give high quality and tasty milk.

Milk is stored at milk collection points, which are equipped with modern refrigeration equipment, which allows you to quickly cool the milk to 4 ° C. At this temperature, milk can be stored for a long time without losing its natural properties and taste. At milk collection points, our specialists conduct the first tests of milk quality and only after that it is sent to dairies.

Molooko-Kraina LLC offers ecologically pure milk of the highest and first grade.

For more information contact: office@moloko-kraina.com.ua, tel: +38 067 5407030