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The Milk Quality

Milk supplied by Moloko-Kraina LLC is obtained from cows whose health status is confirmed by veterinary documents. Cattle are kept in farms with a favorable situation for infectious diseases. The production facilities of the association are located in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine that are most favorable for dairy farming.

Milk is cooled and stored in milk tanks at collection points. These measures make it possible to significantly increase the time for the sale of raw materials and improve its quality.

All animals, without exception, undergo a veterinary examination. Taking care of the quality of raw materials, cattle undergo timely studies of the subclinical form of mastitis.

Reception points are equipped with refrigeration units, Ecomilk ultrasonic milk analyzers, fully comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements. All equipment used at the reception point is daily sanitized with detergents and disinfectants.

The company's specialists constantly provide professional advice to partners in the field of veterinary services regarding the maintenance and feeding of cows. After all, the results of high-quality maintenance and professional feeding of animals are high milk productivity, preservation of the health and productive functions of cattle.