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Moloko-Kraina Cooperative Cares about the Milk Production Quality


“Lviv” Representative Office of Moloko-Kraina APC that united the villagers of Radekhiv and Busk districts of Lviv Oblast, modernized their collection centers for the total amount of UAH 622 200. Out of this amount, UAH 259 600, was granted to the cooperative by the Government of Denmark . The APC received grant funds owing to participation in the project Management of Two Agro-based Value Chainsin Ukraine” (“Agro-Lviv”).

Twelve “Ecomilk-M” (7 parameters) and “Ecomilk” (7 parameters) milk analyzers, four cooling tanks, four milk pumps, four filter frames, four milk taps and four block containers were pruchased for 4 milk collection centers, two in Oglyadiv village, one in Nyvytsi village and one in Oplitsko village.

As many other regions of Ukraine, regions of APC operations suffer from a great problem in the milk cattle breeding –milk producers are mainly houoseholds who keep one or two cows only. In such a situation, it is a very challenging task to set up a systemic approach, make a quality assurance scheme of storing-up and sales, and, correspondingly, to guarantee that households who own cows will get paid well enough. Ourcooperative has been organized in order to provide for responsibility, systematic approach and possibility to control the milk quality indicators.

Director of “Lviv” Representative Office Fedir Mysiakovskyi says that for now, people from 14 villages have joined the cooperative and they are fully satisfied by their decision to unite, since gradually the results of combined work become visible, and membership in the cooperative gives an opportunity to improve by participating in different projects or programs, namely in the Agro-Lviv project by Danish Agricultural Advisory Service and NIRAS.

All milk produced by Lviv Representative Office of Moloko-Kraina APC is supplied cooled to the dairy factories. 

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