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For Members

Moloko-Kraina Agricultural Productive Cooperative (APC) has been created and works under the principle of voluntary membership. Our cooperative is a voluntary organization whose members effectively work for improving their prosperity.

Individuals keeping cows can become APC members. Every APC member has to work for the cooperative and provide for target milk output. Work guarantees timely receiving of cooperative payments to every APC member.

If you share our goals and seek to improve your wellbeing, we are glad to see you at Moloko-Kraina cooperative. Our cooperative will help you to get the opportunity to raise your work efficiency, increase the productivity of cattle and make your living standards higher.

Cooperative movement has many times helped Ukrainian farmers to solve difficult economic problems protecting financial interests of millions of Ukrainians. At the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century, agricultural cooperation included over 55% farms located on Ukrainian lands then being part of the Russian Empire.

At the same time, Krayowy Molocharsky Soyuz was organized  in the Western Ukraine, and it united more than 100 small dairies. Butter produced by Maslosoyuz was exported to Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic and even to Australia and Palestine. After the First World and Civil Wars, only with the help of cooperation agriculture could be regenerated in the shortest period of time.

Nowadays cooperative movement is represented in all the countries of the world and one billion of people are its members. In the USA, cooperatives control the production of about 80% of milk and dairy products. In the most developed EU countries, milk cooperatives unite up to 16 000 farmers.

Emphasizing the great input of cooperation into social and economic development of the society, the UN General Assembly announced 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives.